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Mudfog mainly publishes short fiction and poetry submitted by writers from the five boroughs of the Tees Valley and the surrounding rural area. We will consider work in other genres. We publish both full-length and pamphlet-length collections.

New authors are strongly advised to read several recent Mudfog Press titles carefully before submitting work. This is an important part of preparing a manuscript for submission. Remember that we can only publish a small proportion of work submitted.

None of our editors works solely for Mudfog, so please expect to wait up to 6 months to hear from us following your submission.

Please make sure that you keep copies of all your submitted manuscripts. Items do go astray in the post.

Manuscripts must be typed on white A4 paper in plain font and must be accompanied by an appropriately-sized stamped addressed envelope, covering full return postage for the manuscript submitted.

E-mail submissions must be sent IN ONE WORD DOCUMENT to

Submissions must also include a short biography and writing history.  This can be in letter form.

Submissions guidance: poetry

Submit 15-20 poems, which illustrate your range of work and which in your opinion should sit well together in one volume.

Submissions guidance: short fiction

Submit 2-3 stories together with a brief comment on other stories you have written that might sit well with these.

Submissions guidance: other genres

Submit a sample of 10-15 pages, which includes the opening section of the proposed book or pamphlet and a sample from one other major section. Also include a synopsis of the complete work as you envisage it.

Please submit to:

Mudfog Press
c/o Beacon House
Chop Gate