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review of “Recipe for a Snow Bunting’s Nest”

              We were pleased to see this review of Mike Pratt’s “Recipe for a Snow Bunting’s Nest” in December’s issue of Crack magazine:

Nature can provide us with some stunning vistas, especially here in the north-east where our countryside and seascapes are up there with anything you’ll find anywhere. But Mike Pratt isn’t, in this wonderful collection of new poems, concerned with those magnificent rolling hills and huge skies. Instead he’s turned his attention on those little bits of nature that might have slipped us by, yet, nevertheless, contain a multitude of wonders: A Hare’s Toilet for instance: “Screened on three sides by grass, but open enough so that / a sitting hare, about its ablutions, might keep an eye on / things, enough to chill a little.”

Elsewhere toothwort is an “alien weirdness sort of flower, sucking the roots of tolerant trees” while grey wags are “Smart birds, business suited in slate grey and sharp citrine shirts, black moustachioed, their / incessant metronome tails wagging away”.

Forget the heavens and their endless scope: “the beach / re-makes its own constellations every tide, infinity / rearranging itself under water.” GM