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Lesley Mountain  ‘Vamoose’ a new collection of her poems of her poems, Ellen Phethean wrote

‘Lesley Mountain’s poems are situated in unsettling places where she doesn’t fit; she strives to understand family and settings as in Location or What I Remember About Hereford.  The world is strange and fluid as in Contortion, where her greatgrandfather is about to turn into an alligator or unreachable as in February 1963: ‘and my mother cried turn back so we did’.  These poems want to escape this provisional limbo landscape, and stubbornly choose to set off in ‘the direction of difference’ as in PathExploring the dangers and contradictions of the world, the poet describes the natural world: horses, sheep, Ireland in original and sinewy language….. These are poems of a mature and thoughtful poet whose work turns an unsentimental eye on the universal struggle for meaning and coherence.

Price £5.00