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Tiny Fingers Tiny Toes


This collection of short stories by local writer Jan MBride whose stories excavate families and relationships. She works with a scalpel to catch the reader unawares. The title story was the prize winner in 2010 in the Oberhausen literature award. Jan was mentored by writer Sara Maitland in developing these stories.

About Jan McBride

Jan was born in Middlesbrough and has lived there ever since. She began writing stage plays in the 1980s, then radio plays and film scripts. This is her first collection of short stories. Her stage work includes Dressed to Chuck and The Tupperware Party (TM). A Cat in the Road and Two Daft Lasses in a Boat were performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Part of the Plan, Over the Horizon and Infant Hercules were performed in museums throughout the North East. Film work includes Little California, The Last Page, Kids on Trial and Stix. She has worked on several local projects for young people including Durham Heroes, Newtown Dream, Under the Stars and Weather Permitting. Her short story Pirates and Teddy Bears was included in the Mudfog Publication 7×5. In 1995 she won the Kate Collingwood award for her stage play Annie’s First Love. In 2010 she won the Lightyears-Literature award Ruhr Oberhausen for her short story Tiny Fingers, Tiny Toes. Jan is currently writing her first novel.

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