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Geraghty’s poems dance just ahead of us, leading us down twisting paths to unforeseen places. Dreams challenge reality; reality wins and is celebrated for the extraordinary and often painful thing it is. The ‘town of fluent love and hate’, Middlesbrough, is never far away, with its history, its difficulties and its beauty. She writes movingly about motherhood and brings a fresh eye to the subject. Of the character in Construction with Ruler and Compass,  she says ‘He drops the normal/Naturally.’ She might have been writing about herself because this is what she achieves in this excellent collection, enabling us to drop the normal too for a few precious moments.
Mandy Sutter

These poems walk a high wire of observation and emotion. A little off-kilter, they are full of the stuff of life, finding balance in detail, cries and whispers of feeling, and dark humour. Together they make a sharp-edged, moving and rare picture.
Mark Robinson

About Liz Geraghty
Liz Geraghty was born in Staithes and grea up in Middlesbrough. After 15 years living, working and studying in various cities further south, she came back to Middlesbrough in the early 1900s, and has stayed.  She has worked in IT and in education. Liz has been writing for a while. ‘Stray’ is her first poetry pamphlet.

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