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Shutdown Fortnight


John Harrison is a not-quite-ancient-mariner, a curmudgeonly bard of the East Cleveland bus-stops. His poems hold us with inescapable roadside meditations on the job, the sack, kids, what they get up to, relationships that fizzle out. Follow him through eighteen months of work, unemployment, Buddhism and Boulby Mine, and you’ll see the world with his ‘glittering eye’. Bob Beagrie writes: ‘These unadorned, understated poems move effortlessly between inner and outer landscapes, pinpointing moments of crisis, conflict, sadness, resignation and hope with sardonic wit and a real eye for detail. They shine with the same resolute authenticity you find in the poems of Raymond Carver and Fred Voss.’

About John Harrison

Born 1950 and raised in Leeds, John Harrison has lived for over twenty years in the village of Skelton, near Saltburn. 2001 saw the publication by Mudfog of his Not The Last Bus Back from Loftus, a first collection of poems. Latterly, like his alter ego in the poems, he has been working as a security guard at Boulby Potash Mine. This followed a winter without a job. The poems draw on these experiences, as they do on a previous spell as a hospital worker, on being made redundant and on the author’s Buddhism.

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