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One Of Many Knots


One of Many Knots is a brilliant first collection by Katie Metcalfe. Katie’s poems are both highly personal, charting, in her own words, ‘real experiences that defined years of my life’ and universal in their ability to distil heartache, wonder, anger and joy. Katie’s poems capture the fantastical among the seemingly mundane, the humour amongest the horror, in an invigorating, evocative collection.

About Katie Metcalfe

Katie is a Teesside author of two books and the creator and editor of ‘Beautiful Scruffiness’ Literary Magazine. Her poetry and fiction have been published in various anthologies and magazines including: Ink on Paper Poetry/Art Anthology, Ed. Colette Bryce Mudfog Press; The Wilds Anthology; Discoverers, Anthology of Short Stories Ed. Chrissie Glazebrook Mudfog Press; Ten by Ten Poetry Anthology; Kenaz Creative Writing Magazine; Black Light Engine Room Literary Journal; Sentinel Literary Journal; Teesside Artists’ Journal and Exposure. She’s currently setting up a publishing company under the name Slice of the Moon. One of Many Knots is her first collection.

Price £4.00