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Daylight Saving


With present gulls and past explorers, Janice Sinson’s poems make their voyages out from Whitby into family memories and nightmares, travels in other lands, revelations from medical interventions, from an art gallery, on the water and on the net. Poems that hover with wit and compassion by the cliff-edges of land and life.

About Janince Sinson

Janice Sinson was born and worked in Leeds. Initially trained as a sculptor, she retrained as a psychologist whilst bringing up her family and had a successful career as a research psychologist with many publications. Her monograph, John Keats and the Anatomy of Melancholy, was published in 1971 by the Keats-Shelley Society on the 150th. anniversary of Keats’ death. She retired to the North Yorkshire coast, living halfway up a cliff near the sea and for some unaccountable reason began to write poetry.

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