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Between Chapters


Between Chapters by Monica Sharp is…

Monica Sharp’s gift is to focus in on just the right detail to bring alive a memory, a place or a person. Her poems are full of characters, closely observed and captured with humour and affection. She shows us the everyday reality of ordinary lives and makes it special. There is a quiet poignancy in her recollections: in vividly caught moments she recreates times past and loss. The poems celebrate relationships; leave the reader with a strong sense of the poet’s optimism and warmth.

About Monica Sharp

Monica Sharp was born in Port Clarence, the youngest of eight sisters and one brother. Convent educated, she began her working life as a shorthand typist, with an interest in journalism. A 60’s Biker, she met her husband when she was seventeen, and her writing career changed direction: she became and remained a lifelong diarist. She played national basketball, abseiled and canoed. When bringing up their four children, she qualified in Youth and Community Work, going on to become a Social Worker. She took up her writing again after her husband died in 1989, when she joined a WEA Creative Writing Class with Phoenix Poets, followed by the Leeds University Writing Courses. She is a founder member of Hall Garth Poets. Her short story, A Line in the Sand, was published by Dogeater Press in 2008.

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