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Aerial Photography


Katharine Banner lived and worked on a dairy farm in North Yorkshire from 1985 for about twenty years. Her poetry is full of unpredictable weather, ancient farm machinery, magic, sex and death, the harshness – and the weirdness – of the natural world.

About Katharine Banner

Katharine began writing poetry after graduating from York University in 1985 – she read psychology. At this time she was living and working on a North Yorkshire dairy farm and much of her poetry was inspired by day to day events there. Her poetry is not all concerned with agricultural matters, however; latterly travels with her poker playing partner have resulted in poems set in the gambling world of casinos and card rooms from Las Vegas to Walsall. Mudfog published a pamphlet of poems in 2001 followed by Aerial Photography in 2003. Katharine’s work has appeared in various magazines, including The Penniless Press and The North. At present most of her time is taken up by her son who was born in 2005.

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