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A Recipe for a Snow Bunting’s Nest

Mike Pratt writes beautifully about our familiar and precious wildlife with the enviable close observation of a fine naturalist. His writing is full of wonder and insight, inspiring us to cherish the little things in nature – the things that matter.

Patrick Barkham, Guardian journalist and author of The Butterfly Isles  and Coastlines

About Mike Pratt

Mike Pratt is a self-taught naturalist and career conservationist having worked with many environmental organisations over the last thirty-four years. He is a North-Easterner and is Chief Executive of the Northumberland Wildlife Trust. His obsession with all things natural is life long and his personal mission is to open people’s eyes to the wonders and value of Nature.

Mudfog published his acclaimed book ‘WILD’ in 2008 and he has since had two further works published by Red Squirrel Press, ‘Iona, A Spiritual Landscape’ and recently (2015) ‘My Wild Northumbria’ . 

He is a regular contributor to The Northumbrian magazine and various publications and is currently working on an exploration of northern landscapes.

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